Feb. 27, 2021

[Feature Friday] CEO Todd Cherches on Visual Thinking: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 100

[Feature Friday] CEO Todd Cherches on Visual Thinking: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 100

Are you struggling with leading your team and yourself to higher levels of performance? Everyone communicates in different ways, but we’re all very visual, so maybe that’s a great place to start. On this Feature Friday episode of the ROI Online Podcast, Steve talks with expert Todd Cherches about how you can use visual thinking tools and techniques to thread the needle for your business.

Todd is a consultant, executive coach, TEDx speaker, professor, author of VisuaLeadership, CEO of BigBlueGumball, and thought leader in the field of leadership and visual thinking. Todd’s engaging and entertaining approach enables business professionals of all levels to become more innovative and effective thinkers, communicators, managers, and leaders.

As science shows, the use of visual imagery and visual language gets people to focus. It increases understanding and enhances memory and recall—all things we could use to grow our business and have a much better performance.

Among other things, Todd and Steve discussed:

  • Todd’s background in the media and entertainment industries 
  • How visual thinking works
  • Todd’s book VisuaLeadership
  • What being a thought leader means
  • How often messages get lost in translation and why
  • Why visual  information is way more effective than other communication forms

You can learn more about Todd here:


Follow Todd on LinkedIn

Read the books mentioned in this podcast:

The Golden Toilet by Steve Brown

VisuaLeadership by Todd Cherches

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