July 9, 2021

[FF] Entrepreneur Rob Te Braake on Making Better Business Decisions: The ROI Online Podcast Ep.136

[FF] Entrepreneur Rob Te Braake on Making Better Business Decisions: The ROI Online Podcast Ep.136

Would you like to impact your customer’s lives and make more money in the process? You need a compelling story for your business or brand. In this Feature Friday episode of the ROI Online Podcast, Steve talks with business and finance consultant Rob Te Braake about how you can make better decisions when it comes to your business, what most CEOs overlook, and why your financial information is so crucial.

Rob is an entrepreneur and founder of Insight Matters, which provides financial reporting & analysis to small & mid-sized consultancies and agencies because they deserve the same insights as corporate CEOs. Rob started his career in the corporate world full of management meetings and delegated responsibilities. He quickly shifted to entrepreneurship, but after running several ventures across the globe, he realized he had the skills to better serve small entrepreneurs. 

Making better decisions starts with a goal in mind, understanding which road gets you there, and then acting on it. It's very hard to see the impact of one decision, so breaking down your goal into small steps can really help you have more clarity—and be more successful. 

Among other things, Rob and Steve discussed:

  • Robs’ backstory 
  • His company Insight Matters
  • The top 5 key performance indicators (KPI’s) that agencies usually mess up
  • What you should know about the cost of acquisition 
  • How can you make better business decisions 
  • How financial data influences business decisions
  • Whether or not digital marketing agencies are actually profitable 
  • How to manage a marketing agency

You can learn more about Rob here:

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