June 17, 2020

Realtor Rick Turner On How To Achieve Success Using Enthusiasm — The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 9

Realtor Rick Turner On How To Achieve Success Using Enthusiasm — The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 9

This week on the ROI Online Podcast, Steve chats with Realtor® Rick Turner about the necessity of a complete business growth system and the role enthusiasm plays in your success.

Rick has worked in an array of industries over the year, but by chance, he ended up in the perfect career for his expertise and personality. During college, he sold Bibles door to door. He learned how to sell anything to anyone, and it’s a skill that stuck with him. After graduation, he became a teacher. He loved the chance to help people learn and grow, and as a people person, he naturally fit the role.

Then a spur-of-the-moment decision changed his life forever. Rick and his wife went on vacation in the beautiful Hilton Head Island, and he instantly fell in love. He knew he had to spend the rest of his life there, even if it meant working as a janitor. So he and his wife put down roots in the quaint and quiet Bluffton. It was there that he ended up in the real estate industry. Real estate was a perfect fit, where he could combine his skills in teaching, sales experience, and love for the region.

Over the years, Rick quickly became one of the most successful realtors in the area. He and his partner started their own real estate group, Turner & Rudd Group. By applying the principles of the Business GrowthStack, the business now averages 27 million per year. Compare that to the 2 million real estate agents in the region typically make. Impressive stuff!

In Rick’s eyes, he owes credit for his success to two things: a forward-thinking approach to marketing and contagious enthusiasm. By implementing the principles of StoryBrand in his group’s marketing and maintaining a spirit of excitement regardless of the difficulties in life, he has established a healthy living for his family—while simultaneously helping countless clients chase their dreams.

Rick is the co-owner of Turner & Rudd Group:




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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2.0,"body":"Bran then called and said, Hey, I'd be interested in talking to you. I'm not going to buy for five years, but I just kind of like to get an idea of what's for sale and can you kind of give me some, some the lay of the land. So we did all that on the phone and with FaceTime helped him see that maybe it would be beneficial for him to buy now rather than waiting for five years. And there were all kinds of benefits that price and everything what he wanted to buy was very rare and rare things go up faster than things that are common. He began to believe that maybe it would be better for him to buy now was waiting to buy and then we did FaceTime tours. He couldn't come down because of the Coronavirus. So we did FaceTime tours of lots and you ended up buying a half a million dollar lot. Never having seen\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":65.0,"body":"Hi, everybody. Welcome to the ROI online podcast where we believe you, the courageous entrepreneurs of our day are the invisible heroes of our economy. You not only improve our world with your ideas, your grit and your passion, but to make our world better. I'm Steve Brown. And this is the place where we have great conversations with winners just like you while we laugh and learn together.\n\nWelcome everybody to the ROI online podcast. And today I'm excited to introduce you to Rick Turner. Rick Turner is one of the leading real estate listing and selling agent. He's a part of a leading team in Hilton Head Island. They're in South Carolina, Rick's also, also a client of ours, Rick, welcome to the podcast.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":120.0,"body":"Thank you, Steve. Glad to be here. And I'm excited to have you on today. First of all, where you're a client that we really appreciate and your your account, and this projects been very fulfilling for our team. And so I'm just enjoying working with you and thank you so much for the opportunity. Oh, we've enjoyed it. I would think more than they have, because we're seeing the we're seeing the results. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":151.0,"body":"Love it. Love it. So, so let's learn a little bit about Rick. Rick is.\n\nRick one day showed up in Hilton Head with his wife for a visit and after two days decided, honey, this is where we're going to set up camp. He tell us about that story. Right? \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":171.0,"body":"Well, we\n\nwe were school teachers in Indiana and and I had\n\nWe'd been out of college for two years, three years. And we had decided we were gonna do something else and didn't know what. So we came to Hilton Head and thought, well, maybe we'll get a job here I'd been in. I've been in door to door sales when I was in college. And several, several the fellows that I worked with, in college, were down here and they were doing really well on Hilton Head Island. So my wife and I came down with that was, you know, maybe we'll work there for a year to make enough money for me to go back to school and get a masters or PhD or something. And so we, we, we got here\n\nand it wasn't two days, it might have been two hours. We were I mean, it's the it's the beach, it's Palmetto trees. It's huge Live Oak trees and spam.\n\nmoss hanging up. I mean, it just was idyllic, idyllic and so,\n\nyou know, long story short after, I don't know, two, three hours, four hours, whatever it was. I said to her, I said, No, we definitely they'll give us a job. Even as a janitor. We thought we ought to move here. And fortunately they gave gave me a job in real estate selling real estate. And that was 1972. So I have been in real estate for 48 years. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":276.0,"body":"Wow. So I guess a lot of people, they may come and go in that industry, but you're one of the stalwarts there. You've been leading successful teams for Yeah, a long time.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":289.0,"body":"A long time, a long time.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":292.0,"body":"Is that the similar experience most people that come there for a visit to they they get this aspirational image or that this big it becomes a part\n\nHave the dream that they want to move there?\n\nWell, I think I think most of us grew up dreaming of a laid back beach lifestyle at some point in our teen years, young adult years, you know, we were in college or whatever. And of course, college students go to beaches for spring break and so on. So I think we all think about that, and here I am. And here's my wife and a young couple and everything and, and, and this is, you know, just so happens that Hilton Head Island on the East Coast is the crown jewel of a wonderful family oriented beach. In fact, Conde Nast magazine for the last three years in a row, as named at the number one island in the United.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":360.0,"body":"States, not the continental United States, but the United States that includes the Aleutian Islands and in Alaska. I don't know why too many people want to go there. So go fishing.\n\nBut it includes a Hawaii island. And so it is there's something very special. So here we are, here's this opportunity to live to live a dream that most young people have. And so it was hard to turn down and then and then because it's such a wonderful place.\n\nNo so special, a lots of other people want to move here. So if you're a realtor here,\n\nthere's a lot more\n\nlikelihood that somebody will want to buy a house from your condominium or a lot build than maybe some other beach area.\n\nSo anyway, so as a realtor, you end up having\n\nIn a pretty good living because it's a nice place. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":423.0,"body":"Well, I wouldn't bet that not all realtors have the same experience as you, you know you when you talk about the team that you were with for a while started at one number 143 in the like, ranking of the teams around that area and and then the end up number nine. I mean that's a big transition when you show up. You must have some passion, obviously it's it's very apparent when we're talking to you how you smile about living there and why. Why you were so drawn to that area. It would make sense to me that someone with that passion would like really be good at helping me sell my house to someone that's considering there to come there and move there. Wrong?\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":472.0,"body":" Mm hmm. No, no, no, right. I mean, my my\n\nmy I've been a sales\n\nAs I think I mentioned, when I was in college I sold books Bibles door to door for a huge company that employed about 5000 college students every summer. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":492.0,"body":"Yeah. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":492.0,"body":"So, I really learned to sell you know, if you can sell something door to door, you learn to sell. So, but but over the over the years my selling philosophy has matured and I ended up becoming a sales trainer and owner of several part owner or owner of several real estate companies and I and I was a teacher. Okay, so I love to help new agents new realtors be very successful but in the process of all that,\n\nyou know, I'm very much of a learner. I go to all kinds of conferences and everything. Read books on sales and marketing.\n\nAnd so as part of that, I've honed a whole philosophy of sales.\n\nAnd, and I think I'm\n\nwhat I'm going to share with you now I don't think I've ever heard a sales trainer say this, but the most important thing in my philosophy of selling the most important characteristic\n\na good salesperson could have whether they're selling insurance or real estate or computers or whatever is love. You know, if you love the other person, the customer and you want what's best for the customer, then trust develops and you become instead of a salesperson, you become a trusted adviser. And so to me Love is the most important you know, goes back to the 60s all like what were all the songs about. All you need is love but but\n\na salesperson who loves his customer and wants to fulfill the customer's needs more than the desire to get a commission or income,\n\nthen that salesperson does long term way better. So, you know, you alluded to\n\nfour, four years ago, five years ago,\n\nI started a real estate company, and\n\njust a tiny little company and there were 143 companies in our area. And we were number 143. We were nothing. And within three years, we grew it to the ninth biggest company in three years and and the owners were Canadians, and so they decided after three years to sell it and take their profit move on. So I went back, instead of running a company, I went back into day to day work.\n\nWorking with buyers and sellers. But what a what a thrill that was to to watch the agents. So my job at that point was to sell\n\nrealtors on becoming better than their, you know, at their job. So anyway, so I don't know, someday maybe I'll write a book about how to be a love how to be a loving salesperson or something, we'd have to think of something better than that. And you could help me with that. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":692.0,"body":"Yeah. And I would love to read that book here. You know, you're talking about that. And I allude to it in my book, or I talk about it in my book, how the problem was sales right now is when a salesperson is just trying to make their quota. Then they you know, they don't care whether it's the right thing or not for their prospects. They just want to make their quota. And what you're saying is that you're echoing that. It's\n\nWe're looking at the relationship and that's the most important thing and what's the best thing? Then you're playing the long game. But it goes to relationship not quota. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":730.0,"body":"Yeah, yeah. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":731.0,"body":"And, and our brains, our brains are always discerning whether we can trust. And if we're safe, and it can't just comes through. It's your brain, that part of the brain that's evaluating and being your body guard and keep you safe. It doesn't process language.\n\nAnd but no decision is made it unless it goes to that part of the brain. And so that part of the brain, your body guard is evaluating this relationship. And as soon as it doesn't feel safe, then we get this feeling in our gut. I don't know if if I and we don't even think about it out loud. We just, we react. And so what you're you're pinging that part of the brain, you're letting that part of the brain no Look, I'm\n\nI'm looking out for you. I'm on your side is ultimately What's going on? \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":784.0,"body":"Yeah. Let me share something with you that that I learned years ago I was a\n\nI was a\n\nBible teacher for an evening Bible study. And and I was being trained on how to prepare the,\n\nthe lectures. And I learned a very interesting thing. Somebody way back Aristotle or something said\n\nthat\n\nand I don't know let me see if I can get this right that that the three aspects of\n\ncommunication between people are first of all logos, which is the words you use logos. The second is\n\npathos. That's the emotion, the passion that\n\nYou display and that's very powerful, more powerful than the words but the most powerful that Aristotle or Sophocles or one of those guys came up with the most powerful\n\nelement of communication is ethos. That's the character of the person that is communicating. Okay? And if you think about it, what made Billy Graham great, his words were great. His passion was outstanding, but his ethos, his character was extraordinary. And so in enabled him to communicate as well as any, you know, any preacher ever communicated, at least in the last hundred years. Yeah. So, so logos, ethos, I mean, logos pathos, and eathos, \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":895.0,"body":"L, P,E. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":898.0,"body":"Yeah, an ethos is like, ethics\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":900.0,"body":"Ethics yes actions you can people's actions are congruent with their words he can you feel better about them but if it's not us you start going what's going on or something something amiss\n\nyou know right now we find ourselves speaking of something amiss we're in the middle of this\n\nthis shelter in place quarantine all this concern about what's going on the economy and and the virus epidemic right now.\n\nAnd I imagine there's a lot of people in you that you would be working with. This has triggered their some questions and some thoughts about what what they should be considering in this situation right now interest rates are falling. People are confronting all sorts of things that they didn't expect. The future is changed from just six weeks ago for\n\nMany people,\n\nwhat would if someone was to\n\nthis, if someone had questions about what's going on right now? Tell me what those questions might be. And then what would be your advice? You're, you're an old dog in that area, you've been leading the pack, so to speak. And it's obvious that people trust you and that you're very effective when people list their homes with you.\n\nTalk to us about that.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":992.0,"body":"Well, what what one of the, one of the big questions that people have right now, is it should I buy a house now? you know, after the Great Recession, people who bought in the first year of the recession saw their\n\nproperty value decline, you know, and normally if you buy in a recession, the recession is over in a year and things start to kind of go back\n\nUp.. Well, in the Great Recession, it didn't happen that way. They, you know, somebody who bought in 2007 saw that their property that they had purchased for whatever $800,000 was now worth $720 A year later, and a year after that was worth $660 and the year after that was worth maybe $590. You know, it kept going down, down, down. So one of the questions that people wonder now is should I buy it, you know, it's all most people that we deal with, are, are have been haved owned homes before. I mean, I own homes now I own a home or homes now. And they're in their 40s or 50s or 60s or 70s. And so, so they understand, because they've got some maturity in life. They understand now's a good time to or during a recession is a good time to buy if you can afford it,\n\nGreat time to buy. But after the Great Recession, they wonder well, is this just the beginning of another decline? Okay, or are we at you know, is this going to be a year long thing like a typical recession is not not that this is typical in any way but but, you know, recession normally lasts six months and of course, you know, no one knows this is an unprecedented thing. All I can say to people is\n\nlive your best life now. It is an excellent time to buy will will we have a V shaped recession that goes down this month and next month and then you know, begins to climb back to normal maybe by the end of the year? I don't know is it going to be a long two year process to get back to\n\nNormal? No one knows. But what, what I do know is that interest rates are great.\n\nIt's a great time to buy sellers are more, they're definitely more flexible today than they were six weeks ago. You know, they're realizing Hey, now, you know if I can get a buyer today, it's a good time to get a buyer.\n\nAnd, and then the and then and then move on to your to the dream of living at the beach or the dream of living at the lake or the dream of moving to Cleveland if that's what you if that's what your dream is, you know, whatever your dream is.\n\nEmbrace it and enjoy it now because it you know, people that that Wait, wait, wait, you know, what will happen is next year if things are good, they'll be like, oh, gee, I missed my opportunity. I could've would've should've , you know.\n\nso\n\nYou know, everybody's got to decide for themselves Is this the right time for me, but it's a it is a great time to buy between interest rates and flexible sellers. It is a great time to buy, whether they should wait or not. They're gonna have to decide that. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1217.0,"body":"Yeah. \n\nSo one concern might be is that well, people can come over or do I want people come in my house right now to look around at the house? What are some of the solutions that you could offer? It seems like\n\nthose are easier hurdles to overcome now then. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1236.0,"body":"Ah, yeah, that that most sellers we are showing houses to buyers and making sales.\n\nI mean, normally, normally at this time of year, we probably sell one and a half houses per week and we're only doing about one a week. Okay? So it's it's, it's down somewhat. People are looking and what we do is which\n\nWe take a Lysol wipe and, and we the realtor open all doors and we have the customers touch nothing. And, and most sellers are fine with that. I mean, I did have a seller\n\nlast weekend that wanted me to wanted everybody to wear masks and rubber gloves or, you know, the plastic gloves. And so that's fine.\n\nBut most people are happy to have their home shown and as long as we're careful, they're very relaxed about it. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1294.0,"body":"Most everyday for the last 10 years. I've worked with business leaders such as you, and there's this common conversation that I've had over and over. And it goes a little like this, Steve. I see other brands excelling online and I feel we need to do the same because my customers are expecting out of us. I'm not sure where to start, but I think we need to redo our\n\nwebsite, what's the best way to approach this? And this is why I wrote my book, The Golden toilet, stop flushing your marketing budget into your website and build a system that grows your business. It's a book designed to empower my business leaders so that they have the words and the proper expectations, to communicate what it is they really need and get what they really need instead of something that's sold to them, it puts them in a position of confidence and clarity. And so to get this book, it's a great read. You can go to Amazon, get it there, or you can go to the golden toilet.com, and click on Get your copy. Now, back to our conversation.\n\nSo you've been\n\nyou've been a leader in marketing, I think one of the things that I remember about in our first conversation is how you've been progressive\n\nin your marketing of how you approach marketing in your industry for your sellers. and\n\ntalk to us about we've, in our project here, we've ended up with a really cool program that you've rolled out that no one else has in your area. And it's called upsell. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1402.0,"body":"Yeah. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1403.0,"body":"Talk. Tell us about that.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1406.0,"body":"Well, Steve, the the relationship that we had with your team,\n\nyou know, we did zoom meetings and and it was very collaborative. And they asked a lot of great questions that I think you had probably designed and so we would do our homework and then we would collaborate with each other and have a partner and we would then collaborate with your team, and in the process of all that we can't and it all started\n\nWith the foundation of the story brand book,\n\nwhich, which takes the focus 99% of realtors\n\nportray themselves as the heroes. I mean, we're the best we'll we'll get the best prices for you. We are amazing, we'll find you the best properties we'll get you the best prices. And it's it's the realtor\n\nOh, and we sell more than anybody else. We're the number one realtor in this market, so on so forth. So the realtor in our market here and I think it's, you know, I go to all kinds of conferences and everything and I think realtors all over America and all over probably the North America and maybe the world are the same. You know? 99% of them are, we are amazing. Will will do wonders for you. Well, the whole story brand\n\nconcept as ofcourse, you know, and perhaps most of your\n\nfollowers on this\n\npodcast know, the story brand concept is that the customer is the hero. And that kind of goes back to that love concept, but the customer is the hero, and we're the guide, we're there to help them move in our case move on to their next adventure for, you know, a computer company, they their their goal is to help them move on to a better computer so that they can do things that they want to do faster or more effectively. So\n\nRSo what we did with your team is we came up through this collaborative approach and in Korean and at one point, well,\n\nI remember on your website, there was a a program called Quick Start\n\nAnd I thought that was very impressive that you had a named program that wasn't just,\n\nhey, here's what we do for you, it was, Hey, get involved with this quickstart program and here's what it is to help you and accomplish your goals. So we're, we were talking about what what could we name a program to help people sell their homes most effectively and one of your team members said one about upsell and then we we\n\nI guess you call that an acronym?\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1602.0,"body":"Acronym.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1602.0,"body":"That you know acronym, okay. an acronym and up they used stood for a unique selling proposition that P stood for pivotal photography and so on and so forth. And we created\n\nit, you know, a whole brand around that's just like you have the you have\n\nStart, okay, well we have upsell, we actually called upstart.\n\nAnd,\n\nand it\n\nby I learned years ago that if you name something, if you give something a name, it has more value and we're getting it registered Registered Trademark and everything.\n\nSo\n\nwe aren't going to because of the corona virus, pandemic, we aren't going to roll it out until we get in two or three months down the road. Okay, cause we don't want\n\nthere's several reasons for that the timing.\n\nA lot of our sellers go away for the summer. A lot of our owner property on this go away for the summer. And so we're going to give it two or three months before we roll it out. But, you know, I think it's extremely impressive. Nothing\n\nLike it, there's no realtor around here that makes the customer the hero. There's no realtor that has a, a platform that they called, named anything. That is an organized platform in which to help people accomplish their goal of moving on to their next adventure in life. So it's a it's completely unique in the marketplace. And then what was terrific.\n\nAnd I know this isn't an advertisement for your company, necessarily, but what was terrific is your team came up with graphics that are so beautiful and compelling that it just makes, I mean, everybody that sees what we're doing, and we've only rolled it out to, you know, five or six people are like, Wow, that looks great. You know, it's just impressive to take great concepts and give beautiful\n\ngraphics to go along with great concepts and of course all great brands do that.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1747.0,"body":"That's, I think it's great that you're walking that walk because you're demonstrating how you take care of your stuff that that's the way you're going to take care of your customers as well. You're going to put as much effort into the details and the professionalism and the process of helping me sell their ends at the best value.\n\nThat's what we love working with progressive minded business folks that we just gel with them and that was has always impressed me about us since the first time that we talked.\n\nSo the Turner Rudd team, how many people are in the Turner Rudd Team? \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1793.0,"body":"Well, and the process of all this, we became Turner And Rudd Group. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1798.0,"body":"I'm sorry. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1798.0,"body":"That's okay.\n\nSo we're now Turner And Rudd Group.\n\nWe've got\n\nthere's eight of us, in our, in our group.\n\nAnd five, five of us are licensed realtors.\n\nMy partner and me, and then there's three realtors who do who only work with buyers. And then there's a business we have a business manager and\n\nand a marketing manager and a internet marketing consultant that we work very intensively with some\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1844.0,"body":"Turner Rudd crew. Most real estate folks that you would work with usually one or two man teams. And they average what 2 million in sales a year but you guys are doing like $27 million or so?\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1858.0,"body":"Mhm, yeah last year we did $27\n\n7 and a half somewhere in there. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":1863.0,"body":"So there's the odds of you being successful as a group are increased. Instead of just being a solo real estate agent?\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":1873.0,"body":"Mhm, mhm. Well, and it gives us\n\nwe, we've, we've been\n\nwhat happened is years ago we figured out in you know, you, you and I were talking early on you called me Turner the learner. And and\n\nyou for some reason as a as a school teacher, I got very much into learning. I wanted it. I wanted to be as good as teachers I could be when, when my wife and I got married, or before we got married. I wanted to learn about being a husband, you know, what is a good husband? Do you know\n\nI didn't do very well the first year.\n\nAnd\n\nbut I figured if I'm going to be married, I wanted, I want to be, I want to learn to be a good husband. So I read a lot of books and went to conferences and so on.\n\nSame way with being a parent and same way with being a realtor\n\nin the process of all that learning through the years, I'll never forget\n\na little axiom that I heard somebody say that readers are leaders. And\n\nand why do I believe that? When I read a book, and now I listen to books, sometimes as I'm walking\n\nit inspires me your book inspired me that, you know, The Golden Toilet.\n\nStory brand inspired me. But anyway, in the process of all that reading and going to conferences and learning, you know, readers or leaders learners have to\n\nCome up with another thing learners are winners or something like that.\n\nBut learners are leaders, learners are leaders. With that works at all times, as they say, here in this house.\n\nlearners are leaders and and so years ago back in late, I mean that about 2003 or four. I came to find out there were realtors who weren't getting\n\nfive and six leads a month, like most of my contemporaries here off of the internet, they were getting 100 150 leads a month off the internet. And I thought I kind of find out. How does this happen? You know, how do you do this? So we learn.\n\nWe went to a lot of conferences and read books and webinars and everything and learned how to generate that and now we generate for the last 10 years we've been generating between 100 and 100 and\n\n80 leads buyer leads per month. So that's why we need\n\nthree full time buyer's agents who work just with buyers because we're we're overwhelmed with buyers, which is a wonderful thing. And of course the sellers love that. Yes, but so readers are leaders and learners are leaders. That's right. I like that line that in turn heard that before \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2069.0,"body":"and Turner's a learner so\n\ngot a question for you.\n\nHelp us see like the perfect client that tell us a success story recently that you're proud of?\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2084.0,"body":"Well,\n\nyesterday, about\n\nback in January, we had a guy who\n\nthink Yeah, you contacted us, too.\n\nthrough our website, bought a, a,\n\nended up coming down, bought a house.\n\nAnd then he told his friend about us because he was impressed with the way we handled things and so on, told his friend about us and the friend then called and said, Hey, I'd be interested in talking to you, I'm not going to buy for five years, but I just kind of like to get an idea of what's for sale and can you kind of give me some, some the lay of the land. So we did all that on the phone and with a FaceTime. Well, we did all that on the phone and helped him see that maybe it would be beneficial for him to buy now rather than waiting for five years. And\n\nand there were all kinds of benefits that price and everything what he wanted to buy was very rare and rare things go up faster than things that are common and so he\n\nHe began to believe that maybe it would be better for him to buy now rather than waiting for five years and and then we did FaceTime tours. He couldn't come down because of the Coronavirus. So we did FaceTime tours of lots and he ended up buying a half a million dollar lot. Never having seen it. Well, and and part of that was trust. Part of that was trust. He felt like we cared and wanted the best for him. And, and we do, and we definitely do. So.\n\nAnyway, that that's a little story that just happened. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2199.0,"body":"That's crazy to think that you wouldn't have to travel and that you could spend you carve out a little time get to go see all these different lots.\n\nJust by through FaceTime, and then get back to whatever you're doing back of the house. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2216.0,"body":"Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2217.0,"body":"Why not? \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2218.0,"body":"Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2220.0,"body":"I love that. So what's one question I haven't asked that you would like for me to ask Rick.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2228.0,"body":"Let's see.\n\nI don't I don't know, the I think you've asked great questions. I, I, you know, part of this whole love thing\n\nis\n\nwell,\n\nis you gotta love what you do. Um,\n\nbut but maybe, maybe I would say another question that you could ask and I'll ask it and then I'll answer it is\n\nhow do you become passionate about what you do?\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2269.0,"body":" Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2271.0,"body":"Because that's the, you know, you got the logos that's that's the pathos. That's the emotion that's the passion.\n\nHow do you\n\nBe compassionate and\n\none of the greatest books for\n\nanybody to read other than maybe\n\nthe I don't know, maybe a scientist, okay wouldn't need to read this book. But it was it was published back in the 1930s. The name of the book is how I raised myself from failure to a success in selling by Frank\n\nand Frank Beck. Becker\n\nwas a total failure. I won't tell you the whole story, but he was a total failure as a salesperson. He was a total failure as a baseball player. I mean, not a total he got into the minor, minor minors, and he was a failure as a baseball player and his coach challenged him to become\n\nfull of energy and enthusiasm.\n\nAs in for the game. And he did and ended up almost made it to the majors and then got injured and didn't make it into the majors. So he went into selling insurance, same things a total loser as a as a salesperson insurance salesman.\n\nAnd and he uh except except he was a very good salesperson of selling all of his stuff, selling furniture and everything just to put food on the table. And\n\nhe went back in the 30s he went to a Dale Carnegie\n\nclass taught by Dale Carnegie and Dale Carnegie was talking about energy and enthusiasm. And\n\nand he said they'll Carnegie said you if you don't feel enthusiastic, find act enthusiastic. And there's another little axiom of my life.\n\nAct enthusiastic and you will become enthusiastic in your, in your heart, your gut. And so, he, Frank Becker did that the next day. The class was at night the next day and he became within a year or two, the number one life insurance salesman in the world through energy and enthusiasm, passion, okay. And\n\nso I was, I was a failure, selling Bibles door to door in Greenville, South Carolina. And I read that chapter sitting on a on a\n\non the front stoop of a little store, you know that back then they they didn't have a\n\ngas station with a 711 behind\n\nit they just had a maybe they had I guess they had those a little bit but mostly just little stores,\n\nyou know, selling what you'd get in a 711 but not fancy just little mom and pop store. And I went in there and got myself an RC cola and a mean pie. And I sat on that stoop and I'm feeling like What a loser I am. And I had some tears in my eyes thinking I'm\n\n28 no as 19 year old loser. And I read that chapter, that I from Frank Becker's book and electrified me, I thought, well, I can, I can act enthusiastic. And I did, and became a very successful book salesman that summer,\n\nin the top 20 1st year agents out of 5000 students and so on.\n\nAnd it happened\n\nIn a moment in time, with tears in my eyes, moved by my mouth, and an RC Cola, my hand and the book and the other end. It happened in the twinkling of an eye. So I'm a great believer in energy and enthusiasm.\n\nAnd and and when you act that way, you become that way and then everything's different. I mean, I go home and I asked, enthusiastic about seeing my wife, and then I feel enthusiastic about seeing her, you know, so it affects everything.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2556.0,"body":"That's awesome story. I appreciate that. Thank you so much for that. Rick, if, if we've been listening to this, and we happen to be someone that is wanting to sell their home or have been considering some place to end up and live in a postcard like\n\nworld\n\nhow they get hold of you, how do they contact\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2581.0,"body":"Well, it's Rick Turner, Rick Turner. And\n\nIf you google Rick Turner Hilton Head Island or there's a town just across the intercostal waterway from Hilton Head called Bluffton, but Rick Turner Hilton Head Island they'll, you know, they'll see me I'm all over there.\n\nMy phone number if anybody wanted to write it down would be 843-816-0796. And then my email address is rickturner@turnerruddgroup.com. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2623.0,"body":"That's right. They also have a website.\n\nYeah, \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2627.0,"body":"turnerruddgroup.com. \n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2629.0,"body":"And you're on LinkedIn as well I would imagine?\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2633.0,"body":" Oh, yeah. And Facebook and everywhere. Rick you've been an awesome guest I love introducing folks\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2640.0,"body":"To our audience there.\n\nThey want to learn. They enjoy hearing other business leaders and what they've gone through and and I've enjoyed this conversation so much. Thanks for being on the ROI online podcast. \n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":2654.0,"body":"You are so welcome. Thank you for having me.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2660.0,"body":"Thanks for listening to another fun episode of the ROI online podcast. For more, be sure to check out the show notes of this episode. And feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn where we can chat and I can help direct you to the resources you're searching for. To learn more about how you can grow your business better, be sure to pick up your copy of my book, The Golden toilet at surprise, that golden toilet calm. I'm Steve Brown, and we'll see you next week on another fun episode of the ROI online podcast.\n"},{"speaker":"Rick Turner ","startTime":893.0,"body":"FF,\n\nRudd. group.com.\n"},{"speaker":"Steve Brown ","startTime":2628.0,"body":"COMM"}]}